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Affidavit Gives Cops Power To Sell Drugs

An affidavit has been sprung from the Albuquerque Police Department for its strange logic. In short, it aims to give detectives the power and right to use already seized narcotics to nab low-level drug users. How does this work, you ask?. Well, thank you for asking because now I shall tell you.

  The affidavit (a request for something based on accumulated facts that don’t necessarily have to be first hand) has twelve parts.

 1 - The operation will be conducted in Albuquerque.

 2 - Businesses, patrons, and residents have complained to detectives about being asked by people whether they want to buy or sell drugs.

 3 - (This one shows the laziness we’ve all come to love about ‘Murica) Law enforcement has already tried a range of unsuccessful methods of reducing drug trafficking.

 4 - Taking enforcement action against the buyers of drugs will reduce the demand for drugs in the area (Wait, what?).

 5 - The Albuquerque Police Department’s Narcotics Unit will use heroin, methamphetamines, crack cocaine and/or cocaine from the Department’s Evidence Unit to sell to individuals.

 6 - Law enforcement will not solicit people but will instead wait to be sought out (there’s apparently a lot of covert signals and gestures common between users and dealers that the police will use to gain attention).

 7 - Once an individual is contacted (through way of this funky body-language) they will be escorted to a discreet location, the deal made, and if it can’t be made because the quantity of drugs asked for is too large, then a secondary meeting will be set up.

 8 - When the transaction is finalised the person purchasing the drugs will be arrested and charged with felony Possession of a Controlled Substance.

 9 - The drugs and money used in the transaction will be tagged into Evidence (to be used again later, or to snatch the consumer?).

 10 - The drugs used (no, not like that) will be from cases which have already been adjudicated, the evidence itself set for destruction (My previous answer has been answered). The drugs removed will be field tested prior to the operation (not after?).

 11 - Unless used in the operation itself, drugs must be locked securely and safely, their access limited only to those officers involved in the operation.

 12 - The operation will span roughly 11 months, and any drugs not used in the operation will be returned to APD’s Evidence Unit.

The questionable movement has been coined as the ‘Reversal Operation’. And if that doesn’t tell you how backwards it is then I don’t know what else to say.

  Shortly afterward, the affidavit was approved, with the strict guidelines of being able to release up to but not exceed 8 ounces of each drug mentioned. Depending on the purity, that shit could be cut up, doubled, sold off, and returned without being tested. Did I hear you say, ‘side-business’?



Mark Brenchley